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Get back on? Really?

Live like someone left the gate open.


I found this to be excellent advice - not only in my experience with horses, but also in my relationship with alcohol.


I am an introverted person. I believed that alcohol made me more outgoing, more social, funnier, more accepted, less anxious, more relaxed. Often I felt unappreciated, incompetent, in mental or physical pain or just plain “down.” I believed that alcohol could numb those feelings and allow me to cope. Did alcohol solve my problems? Nope. Actually, it created more problems for me.


Do you identify with any of this? It’s hard to recognize – or admit  to – this in yourself, because by doing so you have to feel discomfort, guilt or shame. You have to observe, question, and get curious. Is it worth it? Absolutely.


I am offering my experiences with the intention to help others who may be where I was in my life. There IS a way THROUGH – not around – this. Within a confidential, trusting, non-judgmental relationship, I believe that I can help.

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