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The power plan

Begin where you are.

Coaching is not counseling or therapy. Therapy looks backward and analyzes your past life experiences. Coaching begins where you are NOW. You will discover your WHY – and clarify what you want your life to be now and in the future. Through a science based, non-judgmental and compassionate approach, you will empower yourself to achieve your goals. A life coach provides accountability, supports and steers you toward your goals and enables you to take control of your life.


Weekly calls or zoom sessions will be based on where you are. Personalized information and tactics will be available to help you understand situations and concepts. You will discover what thoughts are driving your behavior and the physical and mental consequences that result. Making and implementing an effective plan of action takes patience and motivation. With compassionate support, the future is within your reach!


My coaching is based on This Naked Mind methods, developed by Annie Grace. Through questioning your thoughts, feelings and behaviors we will discover your conscious and unconscious beliefs and enable you to turnaround the thoughts and behaviors that have been destructive to your goals.

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